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I agree that Groundspirit has some explaining to do and some apologizing, but he/she will do that if they want to. Sometimes when people fuck up on a thread and don't think they have they are surprised when they are called to task. That doesn't mean that it is okay to let things slide, but I for one have learned from all this that perhaps I should take what people say with a grain of salt before jumping down their throats. Sometimes my passionate response to someone on these forums is not appropriate and I should find a place inside of me to patiently ask questions and inquire before deciding that I have the right to be defensive and demand answers.

Sometimes people just don't want to engage in the kind of inquisition that I demand and just want to stay on the path that they have chosen regardless of my feelings. That is fine, from here on in I chose not to engage them in any communication if they are unwilling to be respectful and honorable to our members and apologize. I just will stop writing on their threads and not engage them at all. I will start my own threads on the topics I find interesting and flat out ignore them... life is too short to be bothered with those that are not willing to do the work necessary to be a positive, loving influence in my life.

Groundspirit, I hope that my PM's have been helpful and you take to heart the words that I have said as I have said them out of kindness and concern. Please know that I for one am willing to engage in conversations with you on this forum as you have apologized to me in private... I do feel as if my mind can now be open to discussing what YOU want to discuss because I know something about you both and have some context. I am fearful that your approach to topics is too abrupt and needs to keep peoples feelings in check but I see in this thread that you have made an attempt to do that.

I would love to continue this conversation about "swinging" as I have things to say, but I too am waiting to know that Ceoli has and all of us have been apologized to with meaning. You were quick to judge and quick to silence and that was unfair. Here is MY final offer to give you space and hopefully safety to say you are ready to move on and are sorry for hurting our feelings.
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