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"Polyfuckery" come up in a thread on another forum I'm a member of (swinging based), so I decided to search the term over here to see what came up. This was the thread closest to the concept that I was interested in so I've decided to try to revive it and see where the people here stand...

My main questions/topics of interest is: What is the difference between polyfuckery and swinging? Between polyfuckery and polyamory?

I found a couple of interesting sources...

This defines polyfuckery as "getting down with many without giving two shits about any," which I would argue is different from swinging because in general most swingers do care about the people they have sex with in general, even if they don't want to pursue a lasting relationship (whether friendship or other) with their playmates. I would also say that it is different from polyamory because of the "amor" part. Polyfuckery would be people who just have sex with others selfishly, without even concerning themselves with whether or not their partner experienced much pleasure and completely move on whereas polyamory would indicate some sort of deeper feeling (i.e. love) even if it is a short term relationship.

This is a debate/discussion on exactly what I am trying to initiate here... Definitions of various terms. Some of the people believe that polyfuckery IS polyamory. Some people are adamant that it is not even CLOSE to being polyamory..

I suppose all I want is a sort of census on where those that participate in this forum stand.
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