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I have been very concerned about who I tell and why. We of course have told some people but have been trying so hard to keep it closed.

We live in a very very small community and there is NO way anyone around here can know anything more then we are "saving money" by living together. There are a few people who know that my ex husband and I used to be in the lifestyle so I am pretty sure their minds are jumping to where that. The sad thing is... I would take less judgement for being in the lifestyle then I would be for being in a committed triad.

I am not sure how to do deal with the animosity. But i intend to keep a real close eye on this thread because I am sure as I tell some people I will need it.

I will add, if ANYONE is behaving in a manner that makes you feel that bad about yourself, you need to consider completely cutting that out of your life. I am not saying it would be easy, in fact it sounds like it might even be possible due to circumstances. But it's not healthy for **YOU**. Would these same close minded people slam someone who is gay but living in a conventional one on one relationship? Would they say a black person should not date a white person? These are all types of relationships that were persecuted for centuries... Maybe someone can put it to them like that???
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