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We are so new to this I am not sure how this works out. I know this has fed into my sexuality in ways I wasn't even sure existed. I have never felt so complete or so happy in my life. I guess that is why after we realized all three of us felt that way, we decided we were absolutely going poly.

When I talk about being complete it's not just sexually but it's nice to finally feel like that is getting the right amount of attention in my life too. I think the happiness that I enjoy the most though has NOTHING to do with when the clothes are off. Ok, so yeah it is... we all know that plays in. But it's so much more. I can say if there was some catastrophic accident and my "guys" couldn't have sex with me or each other, I would be very very sad. But i would still love them and still be just as committed to them.

Does that make sense?
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