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Default My cover has been blown!! lol

Magdlyn, I am surprised you inferred that I was the BF with only a simple "hello Whitelettersky." You are correct, however, and I am also surprised with your response and support even though you are older than us and you have kids as well. Most of our support has been from the younger demographic, but thanks a lot for breaking the mold! I was around when Whitelettersky's posts were made so our stories are one in the same, but I will expand.

I would also like to thank AnnabelMore because she has been very helpful and understanding to our situation.

Yes Mag, we are somewhat close in age, a little over 6 years and we are very close in many ways and will at least be very close friends for the rest of our lives. If I were to meet someone someday with whom I could settle down, I realize I might not be able to spend my life with White because she has all that with her husband, but weíre taking this one day at a time. And kids for me are still up in the air depending on my financial situation and if Iíve visited Italy yet.

My parents donít know what they want. My mom wants me to fall in love and pick a partner before sex and my dad wants me to sleep around and settle down someday so he can cook for her and she can keep me monogamous and happyÖand I guess the grandchildren thing as well.

Yes my phone and my computer will be locked down lol

We have stopped hanging out at my house completely, but it is still a stressful situation. I would like to spend most of my time with Whitelettersky and my parents donít want me to even come in contact with her even though we have mutual friends.

I love her very much and you could say I am new to dating. Going from a dull life of shy fantasies of the popular girl in high school to a poly relationship has been hard to deal with and understand. I have not had to deal with jealousy since Iím inexperienced so itís hard to deal with my first legit relationship involving a husband and an older woman. Because she is older and experienced, we arenít really experiencing new things together, many of them are just new to me. This might be different if I was dating a teenager who was just as new to this stuff as I was. I am famously indecisive so I can weigh pros and cons of the situation but can never decide on which to choose - a pro being that I think I did need an older woman to break me out of my shell and she has done that wonderfully. I am also pretty mature for my age partly due to teaching karate since I was 16. I have different priorities than a lot of guys my age and Iím not interested in a lot of the college girls I meet. A lot of girls my age donít know what they want or how they want to be viewed. I know who I want to be and what I want pretty well. White is all figured out and set in who she is, and knows how to communicate and so this situation is very open and makes sense and is amazing! It also didnít start out with 6 months of tentative dating and awkward mind games.

I guess if I found someone who was ok with our situation (which would be very cool) then White would have to learn to share me which might be a new feeling for her since she has been the poly queen of the hill within her circle of friends and family. Overall I hope to continue our relationship for as long as possible and my parents will have to deal with it regardless of their feelings about my decisions. All I can do is follow my heart and common sense to make my own choices that make me happy, and if everything works out then great, but if not then Iíll have to fight a littleÖbut it doesnít matter.

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Thanks for reading along with our thread
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