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Just went to fancydancy page and discovered two things 1) she hasn't been here since she posted back in Aug and 2) you already know this. You beat me there.
So follow up with her seems dead.

During this has your husband noticed this shift in you...."kind of liking sex" with him ? How he been with everything so far?

Is he excited to start dating and find romantic partners? Or is this a response to a gap?

My situation is still the same or dragging on. We live separately and have very sporadic communications so in effect it feels like what I imagine a divorce would feel like. Around Christmas one of her brothers became deathly ill and could be on his way out. So that crisis has her full attention at the moment. I put off any legal decisions of divorce until she was mentally sound enough to handle such an event. I know how you feel... I to wish she'd find someone else my case "relieved" would be understating it.
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