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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
The mods are paying attention, thank you (though I am not hanging on every word in every thread in which you're participating). I have yet to see anything cross the line to where I will take action. The mods do not exist to quell disagreement and conflict--we're here to make certain the discussion remains reasonable.

I find the passive-aggressive threatening of another member with supposed impending moderator action to be amusing. You don't speak for the moderation crew, so please refrain from attempting to do so.

I see folks calling you on your behavior. I don't see ad hominem attacks launched at you. As long as the criticism stays focused on your behavior and not your person, it's acceptable on the board--because dissension is allowed as a normal part of reasonable discussion and debate.

It is up to you to take responsibility for your behavior and to settle differences with those you have a conflict with. It is not for the moderation crew to step in and save you. We'll deal with posts and posters who step over the line--we won't censor anybody simply because of conflict playing out on the boards.
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