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We are back and still alive

No, nothing serious was expected to happen, but it went considerably well. We got up quite early as far as Sward and I are concerned, Lin was so nervous that he hardly slept more than an hour. Sward prepared coffee, lunch-boxes, blankets, sweets, vegetables, the car and the sat nav and nearly everything you can think of as useful for a short trip. He was so nervous. Afraid that something might happen to us, that we may get stuck somewhere, needing to camp on the roadside or whatever you can think of catastrophe-wise.

Except that our windshield wiper didn't work properly and it was that cold that every little dash froze immediately when hitting the front window, what made us leave the motorway at every second motorway station, Lin getting out in the freezing cold, wiping the window with some water ( and it was really cold ), we made it in time and had fun.

His family was nice and really surprised and glad to see us. His mother talked about how happy she was that he visited again for three days straight. At least on the official side, they seem to have wrapped their minds around our constellation and the relationship structure. What really surprised me, was that his mother called yesterday to congratulate Sward as well (yes, Valentine's Day is his birthday). Lin said: “You are now part of the 'Lin-family'. You belong to the clan now.” This worked out better than I ever would have imagined.

I got to know Lin's sisters, who I haven't met before and some of his old friends. As we were sleeping in his old room, memories of the time when I visited for the first time came up again and we were really glad that everything worked out that well. I found it especially sweet that Lin told me after the first day there, that he was really happy to think about 'going home' after the weekend again. He has completely exchanged the two homes by now and feels comfortable thinking of our place as his real home.

But the biggest surprise was Sward. Never leave this man alone with some time on his hands … When we came home he had renovated the living room. From the smallest toeboard to a new room divider in form of a little wall next to the sofa. It looked just great. He did a great job. Now all that is left is the kitchen but we need to exchange all the electrical equipment as well, so this will take some months till we got the money for it. The flat looks nice and comfy now

I spend yesterday with Sward, went swimming to our spa bath and shopping for his present, cuddled with Lin on the sofa in the evening and almost had a great day, except that Sward and Lin got into a little fight over the kitchen and how things should be handled there. It was mostly a misunderstanding because they got their wires crossed, but I think they will talk again today to settle that.
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