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Default Kind Of Confused About Myself

Ok I'm new here but I was hoping to get some advice on what's "wrong" with me. Ok Ive only been in long distance relationships, nothing physical. Been purely online and yes I understand I should probably date in person before I go on worrying about this problem, but I have this problem of where I will be with one guy and will want to be another one as well. Like a year ago I was with a guy who was quite wonderful, but I became interested in this other guy, but I didn't want to hurt the other one and yet I liked them both. Ive done this a few times, and felt like I had to make a choice, ultimately hurting someone and it kills me. I'm not sure if its just cause I'm young and don't know what love/commitment is or if I'm possibly polyamorus. I'm just so confused over my own feelings that I feel I need an outside source to help me sort this out a bit. I mean I'm not below telling a guy I want to be with him just to get a quick well you know in Ill say um "friendly" time in with and then just want nothing to do with the guy. I'm just not sure if its just online or this is how I'll be when really dating. Ok thank you for reading all of this and please let me know what you guys think.
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