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I told him that I'd do it again once I'm working and can buy a new printer (the old one died, which is why I've not been printing out the archive copies). After the director weighed in on the thread backing up everything I said, the guy resigned the job with a "Fine, then, you waste your printer ink on making copies" message.

Well, shoot, the director and I took care of all that before, so we can do it again. I'm still scratching my head over the deal. We explained to him that it involved reprinting whatever parts got changed and new versions of tunes if we had to change them and a steady supply of parts because members lose them or don't bring their music to rehearsal. Maybe he thought we were lying about that.

He's always wanting to help in some fashion, and then fights about everything that we're trying to get done. It's just really odd. He wants so much to do drum corps and then bitches about it every step of the way. Perhaps he just has a One True Way vision for how the corps should be run and doesn't like what we do because it doesn't follow his One True Way.
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