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I had another brief talk with my wife about polyamory. We didn't stay on the subject long, because it's very stressful to talk about. I will try and broach the subject again and to get to the reason for her discomfort with poly.
If, in the end, she accept polyamory, what is there for me to do? Is it not just as unfair for her to ask me to make myself be satisfied with monogamy as it is for me to try and force her into polyamory? Where is the compromise?
Being hardwired and being programmed are literally different things, but these terms are often used as if they are synonymous in a figurative sense. This is misleading, I feel. I am not entirely sure that humans are naturally monogamous animals. While I'm anthropologist, I feel it far more likely that early humans lived like other apes - in harems, in which a dominant male mated with all of the group's sexually mature females. That is conjecture and should be tossed aside, I presume. My point is that monogamy doesn't feel right to me, and I am in doubt as to whether or not I am genuinely not good at being monogamous. Maybe I'm just abnormal or messed up in the head.

Thank you all for your kind words!
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