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Originally Posted by soulfly View Post
Now, it's a series of constant verbal attacks about my character, and how I'm an unfaithful, despicable person, with no relationship ethic, poor morals, no understanding of what the word "love" means, and on occasion mentions of a first class trip to Hell when I die. The whole time, they neither know, nor care to know, that our circle has never grown beyond 4 people, and that we built our relationship over time, the way any monogamous couple would have done, through years of close interaction, sharing, compassion, and struggling through all the hardships life will send.
And saying mean, spiteful things to people about situations you can't hope to understand because you're not the one living them is apparently express check-in behavior for Heaven, riiiight?

I wonder how much you know about their personal relationships and what they do in the bedroom. Do you constantly bring that up in front of them? "You know, all that anal sex you've been having with your wife is making god cry...."
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