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Question Is polyamory a sexual identity, just like being queer?

I was just curious how people feel about this.

Do you feel like being polyamorous is a sexual IDENTITY for you? Do you feel like, beyond being a lifestyle choice that you want, that polyamory is in fact, something you deeply NEED to feel spiritually, emotionally, and sexually fulfilled?

For me, I find it is a lifestyle choice. For me personally, being bisexual and being strongly attracted to woman is NOT a choice, it is deeply inherent to my being. But polyamory makes so much SENSE to me-- the support and reliability of multiple people in raising a family, I choose it because I believe it is a healthier mode of raising a family and supporting people than the current monogamous family structure.

However, I know that other people feel differently. So I wanted to ask... how do you feel? Is polyamory a "choice" for you? Or is it a deep in-born desire which must be fulfilled, similar to being gay?

And secondly, is it an identity for you?
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