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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
My husband uses this excuse to sweep things aside and harbor resentment toward me.

Him: "Well the one time I approached _____ (a difficult topic) you reacted badly. I don't tell you things to avoid making you feel bad."

Me: "Yeah, you caught me off guard and that was 15 F'n years ago. You never tried to bring it up again or discuss it once I have had time to process and have based all other situations on that one instance."

So many times he waits until he has so much resentment and back issues that it all just explodes.
SNeacail, rock. Thank goodness it didn`t suck you into tippy-toeing around him, like he was you. Very smart.

Yes, therapy can teach someone how to grab a spine, and be honest. 'Whatever works' to get someone honest. A person has no 'life' without authenticity.
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