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Thanks dingedheart! I had read that thread months ago but I didn't remember about it, probably because I never thought it would happen to me. It reads differently now. So what happened to your relationship structure, did you divorce?

I don't think I like the "fake it till you feel it". I don't want to fake anything. We talked about it and we'll give it time and take the pressure off it. We've lost the lust for short periods before, and it came back, so why over worry now if we didn't then.

He didn't date anyone during the last 5 months, but he's about to start seeing someone now, nycindie. Our date night was Friday, and I neglected it because that's one of the few days my OSO is in town. It feels so stupid now! But we did take up tango lessons recently... we'll see what happens.

Thank you all for your replies!
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