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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
I say final because the thread ended up deteriorating exactly as I projected it would if that kind of thing didn't stop. It's a moot point now.
Do you still not recognize and own YOUR role in the deteriorating of that thread? Here's the thing. When people aren't accountable, they quickly become irrelevant. You offended people. "Clarifications" as you put it do not rectify that situation. Either you own it or you don't. Clearly you still don't seem to think anyone had any reason to be offended or just didn't understand what you "really" meant, so that says you're not willing to own it or be accountable.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Your behavior here in using a public forum for personal attacks is unacceptable. There are easy ways to launch those attacks if that's what you feel the need to do and we're happy to talk, discuss, debate etc in private. It's however extremely detrimental to the board followers and it usually will result in you being banned if the Admin or Moderators are on their toes.
I think lack of accountability is more detrimental to the forums.

Perhaps a thread should be started about your lack of accountability? Would that satisfy your need to box away this conversation?

It also seems you've self-appointed yourself as the moderator of any thread you start. The purpose of these boards is to have free and open discussion of things. Sometimes it necessitates going off topic in order for the discussion of the topic to be more authentic. For example, examining the validity of a premise that is being used as the basis for a discussion on a thread (as you simply refused to do on the other thread in question).

So again, I ask. How about a little humility and respect for the people who have contributed to this forum for a while? Is that honestly too hard for you to do?
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