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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post

What kind of discussions were you hoping to spark? I thought it was interesting. Were you hoping for more discussion of how poly marriages might fit into a Christian context? I'm not Christian but that would have been intriguing.
Well, Christianity finds its source in the Bible, in the New Testament.

First, the New Testament doesn't go a lot into marriage. Paul wrote a lot about it, but he was one man - a man who didn't marry. Peter was married but didn't write about it and the dynamics of his marriage weren't discussed. The ancients didn't discuss marriage. Perhaps more than anything else that points out that they were sensible, didn't want any fights on their hands, didn't want any negative feedback - that a person may be an ignorant backwater primitive but still have good sense and be very smart.

I think the answer is Paul and his writings. He tried to spread Christianity to the Gentiles, the non-Jews. Non-Christian archelology indicates that the ancients practiced polygamy, homosexuality and other things all over the place. As far as Jews are concerned they practiced monogamy usually only because they couldn't afford more than one wife.

One culture and another, one era and another - seems like mixing them or connecting them seems like a wrong fork in the path. But maybe i'm being a little hasty.
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