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Default Hmmmmm


Hopefully it's not to late............

Have to address this to Fidelia primarily even though I try to keep personal responses off the public area to avoid clutter and having the original topic diverge in some other direction.
If it makes you (or anyone else) feel better, we'll later post some FINAL attempt at clarification of that original topic you are so upset about. I say final because the thread ended up deteriorating exactly as I projected it would if that kind of thing didn't stop. It's a moot point now.

Your behavior here in using a public forum for personal attacks is unacceptable. There are easy ways to launch those attacks if that's what you feel the need to do and we're happy to talk, discuss, debate etc in private. It's however extremely detrimental to the board followers and it usually will result in you being banned if the Admin or Moderators are on their toes.
As comical as all this drama is to many it really does detract from the purpose of the board.

Enough already ! The door is open for your personal vendetta. Let's see if there's any chance of keeping this thread "on topic". If the users have points of disagreement or don't feel they can weigh in, then they won't. Otherwise, give them the chance without having to endure a cheap soap opera. (Yea, that will probably piss someone off too - oh well)

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