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One thing that's great is she is really supportive and we have a good relationship, we have been openly discussing for awhile.

I suppose I would be looking for a woman to experiment with my girlfriend and me, and yes maybe go with me to do things my girlfriend may not be interested in doing. I have told my girlfriend before how I feel and she understands. Just trying to make it easy on her, since she seems to want to be monogamous (on her end, i mean) and i don't want to be cruel or unfair. I love her, I just know there's more to it.

I'm not worried that another woman would compete for my primary affections, even though my girlfriend probably is. That's probably my biggest concern, getting her to understand she's my priority, but some aspects of sex are more than physical, no matter what--even with one night stands, there is a non-sexual component. Could be the clothes, the look, the eyes, whatever--the physical basis for attraction is linked to deeper desires, and people who attract me wouldn't do so just for being good-looking...though it doesn't hurt. Not only do I want my girlfriend to understand, I also need support because for a man without a woman it's difficult, and reasonably so. I'm not into cheating, I'd rather just be honest...i'd like to know how people in the poly community find that balance.

Besides the problem of transitioning without overly upsetting my girlfriend, I was wondering about the younger poly community. She's early-mid 20's and I'm near 30, and while we have talked with some people and went to a party, the generation gap was an issue.

Since I'm new to all of it, I wondered what other people did if they had similar situations?
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