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Default Well wishes! New to the forums :)

Good Tidings all!

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble onto this forum.

I am in my late 20's and always been connected to the world. My belief has always lay in that we as humans hav so much to give to eachother and so much love to share; that we each search for pieces of ourselves in others and that when you find the people that connect to you in this life, not only are you truly, astoundingly blessed, but that you have made a connection with your own soul.

Although I had always believed in the community aspect of relationships, as I am bi as well, I did marry to a wonderful, beautiful soul who accepts me for everything that I am and we live almost problem free with the lifestyle we have chosen.

He feels that I fullfill him in every way, but knows that I being bi and with the connection to the world I have, thrive off of the community and connections I build with others.

About 6 months ago, I was introduced to the actual world of Poly. A now dear friend was discussing his situation with me and I recognized that this was the lifestyle I had been living for sometime.
We have never been fully Mono, or fully 'open' in our marriage, so it had left both of us somewhat confused as to how to view our relationship in the current day and age. All we knew was what my husband and I had built our foundation on: people will always cross your life that will intrigue you, that you will feel a connection to and that you will be attracted to, we are human and we are souls on a journey.

I currently have a boyfriend within the marriage that I have been connected to since we met 11years ago. When he and I met, it was on a kinetic level.
We reconnected after about 3 years of having not spoken due to distance and it grew into the Poly relationship that we have over the past 8 months.
My bf is mono for the most part, as he knows that one day he will find a woman that he will be bethrothed to. Until then, he and I share something incredible that we could not have otherwise. We connect on an energy plane that, that I dont feel with anyone else.
My husband is the yin to my yang, my bf is the fire that gives my soul life if that makes sense.

I have read many of the posts within the introductory section and thank everyone for sharing. It allows others, like myself, to understand ourselves a little better.
I firmly believe that we pass energies through eachother and that certain people are able to give new outlooks, new life almost, and happiness to others that they encounter.
I guess in the end it is a blessing more than a curse, but there are such bumpy roads along the way because of what our society has set up as boundaries and as 'norm'.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for the support and community that you have established. I look forward to reading and interacting on the forums!

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