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Default Reservations About Starting Again

Well my first poly relationship ended a week or so ago. I fell madly in love with a girl who already had a boyfriend. We spent a good 5 months together but the last month was pretty tough. The BF wasn't getting enough time with the gf and the girl was tired from having to spend so much time with both of us. In the end she was just too tired and she wanted to focus her time and energy on the other boy.

The thing that bugs me is that to be a good partner in a poly relationship you have to believe with every fiber of your being that your partner won't choose the other partner over you. You have to believe that you are loved for your own unique reasons and that you can all live happily together. But my mirror's been shattered. She picked someone else over me. How can I not look at a future metamore as a competitor?

Mandatory unrelated Firefly quote:
Sometimes a thing gets broke, can't be fixed.
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