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Default How to proceed?

So my boyfriend and I had a rough year last year. I really thought we were done, and I had decided that when I started dating again I was going to have more than one partner or at least try to.

As it turned out he wouldn't let me leave and so we talked a lot, and I ended up staying which is probably a good thing. When I brought up the idea of a poly relationship I could tell he didn't like the idea but he didn't get angry with me either.

So I keep on bringing up the subject with him, but in an effort not to be too pushy I try to only bring it up one day a week. It seems that the more he thinks about it the less defensive he is about it, and he has even told me that he thinks about other women so I'm wondering if he is starting to like the idea. To me it seems like he has never even considered this idea to be a possibility and needs a lot of time to think about that on his own.

So I'm thinking I will just continue to have our weekly conversations. I'd like to do more but I'm not sure what to do.

Anyway if you got any advice or just links to good articles for either him or me let me know.

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