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Originally Posted by openornot View Post
I don't mind the poly part but the lying part is really grating on my nerves. There is no reason he shouldn't trust me. This is not the first time we have participated in alternative lifestyles.

Any advice?
If it's grating on your nerves, then you obviously need to say something.

How do you KNOW that he is still seeing her? Why would he lie to you about this if you've been engaged in other activities before? Is it possible that even if he is spending time with her that it isn't romantic but a friendship?

I think if you really are completely fine with it, it can't hurt to have another conversation with your husband about it. Make it clear that while you don't/wouldn't mind him having another relationship, it is NOT okay to lie or to hide things (unless you specifically want a DADT type situation). Before telling him he can do whatever he wants, though, make sure you've thought it through and can tell him about anything that could/would make you uncomfortable and let him know any boundaries you have.

Good luck!
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