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Thanks everyone for the responses. Just checking in on the tread before I go into more detail, I really like this forum and the posters insight, read it a lot to get perspective, know everyone has an opinion, look forward to adding mine to the mix. Yeah I am Baggage Patrol’s Hubbo, read her posts up for her context. I do think that “outlaw cheater” is a more appropriate title, didn’t have the full scoop on the cowboy reference, that is what BP was referring to me as so I used it. Our GF has also read our posts and hope to encourage her to also add to the forum mix, although she frequents another forum.

Yeah I have to see myself in a clear harsh light and not sugar coat it, seems the only way I can deal. I have done a sht ton of personal work, mostly around addiction/abuse recovery and anger mod, guess the selfish cheater part is next to get the scrubbing lol… anywayz cant stop wont stop right? Looking forward to addressing all the points raised, but for now lets just say thanks for the opportunity to air my sht out, and have a chance to change and grow, I can’t see any other way that appeals to me.

Evolve or die trying

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