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Been seeing a few guys, no one that jumps out at me, every one has the positives and negatives everyone does.

I'm keeping my options open.

R and I talked again last night, as much as I know I will leave that door open, I can't and won't let it dictate me making a decision about any of the guys I have been talking to.

The crazy thing is two of the guys I'm talking to are already buying / talking about buying me stuff. Now, not saying I dont have a price, everyone can be bought, but it kinda creeps me out and I'm not sure if I want to keep talking to them because of it. Do I look like I can be bought? Do they think if they throw enough money at me I'll leave John? Or are they just desperate to love, and think love can be bought.
Now I like being spoiled as much as the next girl but that should come after the relationship is at least partially established. I spent money on F, he spent money on me, but it was after the relationship was established, in the beginning we split just about everything.

Ive been talking to a couple looking for a unicorn. I'm interested. Very interested. I have seen, or dreamed, what it can be like. I would love to have that in my life.
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