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I don't know anything about the specifics of "cowboy ways" being in the mid west and not being around many cowboys however, self gratifying, addictive, selfish behavior is found everywhere.

Your charm, charisma, intelligence, physical appearance all help you feed this high sex drive. The moment is always worth the risk ...or makes its more exciting. Most likely in the past your skills could get you out of a jam if and when they happened...."it just how I am."

You need coping skills to learn how to honor agreements? Or how not to think with your dick ...How bout a big rubber band ...when starts happening give it a good snap.....oops ....this suggestion just turn on a big segment here...(only try this if this would be considered unpleasant).

Maybe talking to a therapist about past patterns and destructive behaviors....discuss whats really important to you long term.

Good luck D
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