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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I didn't get the impression in anyone's posts that she's being made out as the villain.

He also didn't say that he is waiting for her to change. We don't know exactly what "beating around the bush" was, but telling your partner that you're poly can be really terrifying and it can easily take people a long time to get to the core of it. That doesn't make him a douchebag. Nor is name calling ever helpful.
SC I usually appreciate your opposite views, but you`re out to lunch on this one. You cannot point out to me that nobody actually called her a villain, and then turn around and say I named called, when I said he could be seen as one. Make up your mind.

Oh, and I guess the point of my post, was more to the effect it takes two to tango. If she can be seen as a bossy, he could be seen as a douchebag. Fault lies in both, it`s never one-sided, no matter how scared a new poly is.

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