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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I would definitely trademark it, and then restrict it to non-profit uses. So people can get a tattoo or make a poster for their event, but if they make necklaces to sell, you should get a royalty!!

Thanks for all the feedback SC . I talked to an attorney and it turns out that a service mark might be a better route. Since I plan to open source this, I won't have any products to sell.

Regarding the info sections - you know, I'm thinking about letting users make their own fields. I think it would be cool to let users create/rename fields as they see fit. You could take "About Me" and rename it to "My Story", or you could delete both existing fields and create new ones (same as renaming) - "Favorite Music", "Hobbies", etc. This way I can just have "About Me" up there, and let the users decide what's important to communicate. The cringeworthy "looking for" can be removed as a default field that way.

As for the age - "birthday" will be in this next update.

And don't worry, the font is here to stay .
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