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What a nice list of book recommendations. Sounds very interesting.
I'll find the books and have them ready in case we have the opportunity to take up the poly topic again. Right now we are a bit entangled in broader talks about whether we are compatible in terms of lifestyles, projects, etc. IŽll try to focus in the good things such as having good communication- as you observed- and confidence. In the middle of this mess, I have thought I should meet this f
riend of ours as soon as possible and try to find out whether she has any feeling for me.I think having that unsolved is the main "interference" at the moment. If she doesnŽt like me, it will be sad to know of course but at the same time I will feel relieved and be able to keep everything within the couple. I most likely will still have poly desires, but will be able to deal with it in a much more serene way than now. On the other hand, if she likes me... we are in trouble, but probably not more in trouble than now.

Thanks a lot! have a great day
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