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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Sorry, I haven't read your entire post but had to respond to this sentence as soon as I read it. Polyamory is not a fix-all for bad marriages or failing relationships. In fact, it would likely make everything worse. A relationship needs to be a strong, loving, healthy foundation upon which you can incorporate polyamory. Managing multiple relationships is challenging, time-consuming, and a real balancing act; nobody should be attempting to add more relationships to one that is on a downward trajectory. A relationship that is often "falling apart" and full of drama simply can't support living polyamorously. It should be quite obvious that "relationship broken, add people" is a very wrong-headed approach.
I am totally in agreement with this. we might be entering into a polymorous relationship with another couple, not because we r not satisfied with each other, on the contrary our love for each other is very deep and are so confident of each other. The other couple whom we are considering are also like us. The reason we r considering this is only to expand our love and share with other couple.
If we have no confidence in each other polymory is not at all an option

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