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I do think that the timing has contributed to Jane's idea of our non-monogamy as a result of lack of sex. She and I had another chat and cleared up some confusion. There is a lot about polyamory that she still doesn't understand, but she is very open-minded and non-judgmental. I also gather that her DH is far more comfortable with alternative lifestyles. Not because she is close-minded, but because she had a more sheltered upbringing.

She commented to me, "I don't think I could do that [polyamory] because I am too jealous." She has made similar statements before, and always saying "I" and not "we" so I have begun to think that her DH would like a poly lifestyle, but they have not explored it due to her lack of comfort. He has openly said that he likes the idea of living together with another couple, but he made it sound like a financial arrangement more than a relationship option. Makes me wonder if we are not the first poly couple they have known...
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