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Yes, I had to leave the kids with her. I was unable to get anything done to help our situation as there was constant fighting. The financial situation is really at heart of a lot of the current issues.

Since she had kids, the drinking issue became less, but still exists to a degree. Also, you've never seen someone handle kids as beautifully as she can. It's true that I have some issues with her in general, but the love is still there. Is any relationship perfect?

The reason I brought this to this forum is the consideration that perhaps the real problem between us is the simple fact of being in a mono relationship. True, there are other issues, but who's to say those can't be worked out somehow. And, could it be that not being in a poly is the root of a lot of problems?

We are not in a poly right now. So she slept with these 2 other men while we had troubles. So I have felt betrayed, although I can see where she is coming from and it does make it less painful.

The thought of entering a poly does make me feel jealous. If I were to say why, it would probably be something like 'someone else has come and taken what it mine'. Is that possessiveness, or a tendency away from poly?
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