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Found out yesterday that the tax return money we where counting on to pay our rent, bills, get BrigidsDaughter's car out of the shop, fix the rear breaks on my car, pay for our week long vacation, let me finally get my ass out of state on my own, and a bunch of other stuff got eaten by a crooked student loan company. Tried to get drunk yesterday with a bunch of my friends, but it turned me into a whiny emo bitch until I sobered up again.

However I'm not doing too bad, honestly. Tomorrow we're going to put in some more job applications, apply for a grant or two, several of our friends offered to help cover things (I love my friends, I really do), we've got food in our pantry, a roof over our heads, I'm relatively healthy, and people that care and love me. As tired as I am of living in survival mode, it could be worse. I had an opportunity yesterday to blow a bunch of money but didn't because I checked the mail and found this news out before hand.

So yea, as shitty as things are, life ain't too bad right now.
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