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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Seriously, you may want to check the sexism at the door. I don't care to chase and never have. So much for the notion that liking to chase is part of being a man.
I think there's a difference between "sexism" and observing different tendencies between the sexes.

I think of sexism as things like: Men can't raise kids; Women can't work in business; Men can't cook; Women can't build houses.

But there are many "generalizations" about men and women that are true more often than not. Of the emotionally high-maintenance people I've met, more tend to be women. Of the people I've met who enjoy ongoing casual sex without developing emotional attachments, more tend to be men.

Men and women do, without question, have different DNA. That DNA causes huge hormonal changes during puberty, unless you take medications to suppress them. Testosterone and estrogen make people behave differently. So it's not "sexist" to point out that men generally behave differently than women.

Now that being said, I wouldn't agree that "wanting to chase" is an innate "male trait." I think it's another one of those societal pressures. Men fear rejection just as much as women, and "chasing" essentially means repeated rejection from the same person until you wear them down. I can't imagine why anyone would like that! Men who chase do so because women force them to.

Or to put it another way... wanting to chase women is about as innate as wanting to be captured, thrown over some strong man's shoulder, and dragged into his cave. Now, from what I understand, the modern feminist movement generally opposes this type of behaviour...
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