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Default Inclusion in poly

Elsewhere, in another group, a woman said the following as a result of her observations about people and their opinions on triads being about letting them come about as they will rather than "bringing someone in":

I have to say I am surprised to see that only a minority ..... endors[e] the concept of inclusion with the majority seeming to prefer separation of affairs so to speak. Why is this? Jealousy? Too blurry/complicated? ....why bother with false constructs of separateness when we are already connected energetically as souls?
I think, for me, inclusion comes in different forms. I think that having been in a poly dynamic for awhile and really living the theories behind it, I have come to the conclusion that inclusion is an invitation, not a demand. I invite those to be closer to me, but don't force my agenda on them. Therefore terms such as "bringing someone in" just don't fit for me. I prefer "inviting someone to be with me." The rest unfolds naturally and does so without expectation or assumptions about what will happen.

I thought the concept of "inclusion" to be an interesting way of looking at triads and in poly dynamics in general. What would be your description of "inclusion?" Thoughts?
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