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Heyla, I'm Vampiresscammy or VC or Cammy if you like, lets see, where to start?

I'm 32, bi and poly. married to J (hes 38), and have a hubby of heart DS(hes about 45). they both know about one another and are happy with our arrangement.

J and I been married for 13 years. met DS bout 10 years ago, we were friends at first, but it grew to more very quickly and I told J about everythign as it happened. DS and I met online, talked online for several months or possibly a year before meeting in person. I was madly in love before we met.

It was very confusing, I'd never heard of poly, so had no idea what exactly was happening and did not want to hurt either of them. we talked alot and basically my heart won, and they both let me keep them. I've been with them both ever since. Tho, I should point out 2 important things, 1) DS and I have never been intimate beyond making out, and 2) DS lives in Pennsylvania and we've only met in person 3 times. I realize for many folks this sounds odd if not ludicrous, but it works for us. J is my primary, I live with him and DS is my secondary if you must call him that, it works for us.

Also, DS and I had a lady love M(she was about 43), I met her the second time I met him and fell head over heels for her as well. M and I were both DS secondary's in that we were both married and lived with our husbands and he was at first on his own. It worked for us all, M's hubby knew, my hubby knew and DS knew all about them. We had about 5 years together, then DS met his primary A(she is 32 also). things got a little complicated and confusing for a tiny bit but it seemed to be getting better. I got a chance to see DS and M in person again in 2005, it was the only time M and I were together intimately. M got progressively sick after that, depression and her body simply winding down and she passed away in 2007.

DS and A were together til just recently, so I worry about him. J and I are still together doing good. and DS and I are good as secondary's to each other. I don't know what happened to A, her and I don't talk much, but her and DS are still good friends.

I am really hoping either DS and A get back together or he fins someone new to be his primary. he never complains, but i worry. so for know its just J and I and DS and I. I miss M terribly, and i miss simply being that close to a woman, but can't bring myself to let any female that close to me just yet.

Now, just withint the past month J's old friend R came back into our life. He was an old childhood friend of J's. when we first got together we tried to be friends to him and his wife. it didnt work, we all stopped talking. then J met R again a couples years back, we figrued we'd try again, still didnt work. it seems R' s wife really didnt liek me and couldnt get over me being involved, I tried bowing out, letting J and R hang out, it didnt work. they lost touch again, til just recently.

way back in the day, I actually met R first, just in passing. J and I got together and I met R again, got to know him. more I got to know him, more I fell for him. have tried over the years to make it go away, its not working. J knows all about it, he doesnt mind, so no worry there, but I dont want to admit it and make R go away again. this time, R is divorced now, so its less deterant in my way. I really dont't think i'm R's type, and hes never at any point gave me any hint of returning my interest, so i really just wanna make my heart shut up and stop this before I make an idiot out of myself and make R stop talking to J or somehting cause i'm not hiding it well.

currently confused and hoping it all turns out well.
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