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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Competing for a mother's milk isn't exactly the same as being jealous.

Jealousy is quite possibly something else that is observed and imitated.
i agree here: when my she-baby was 2months old, she caught me while stupidly saying to my son who was 3 "hey, let her do that, she's so young": the little GIRL looked at me -not in the way you expect new-born babies doing- and considered that concept very carefully. it took me one year to demolish this "concept" while my son became very jealous.

paradoxally, when their father married another woman (no, no poly-form, we split) and the couple received their first kid, my daughter realized she was no more the youngest -ot at least not so young- and completely left that attitude.
but for my son: he had Bach Flower Holly for a very long periodical time (read: everytime his father received his 3 new-born ones) and it seems to me he healed this.
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