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I`ll say it right here. And, having read the link you posted, Natja was making a similar point in your thread in that forum.

I do think prostitution is the outcome of social monogamy. Social monogamy requires that sex outside of marriage be had hidden from your partner. And, that is one of the biggest services prostitutes offer: privacy. It also requires that women be prudish (otherwise, how would she honor monogamous vows?), and self-entitled (men have to jump through numerous hoops to get the pussy) in order to be deemed desirable marriage material. Not exactly what makes a woman fun in bed...more demand created for hookers.

I also feel marriage to be a long-term, public, monogamous, sort of prostitution. It`s a parallel institution.

And, finally, if what many of the whores I`ve been with have said (as well as, surveys) is true, the vast majority of johns are married men.

Finally2, were it not for social monogamy, I would assume sex would be more widely available to men, and therefore prostitution would become redundant.

I pay because I don`t want to play the gender pursue, date, & marry game (which, is also paid). But I make no mistake about prostitution being a precarious substitute, for what I wish were polyamorous, reciprocal, non-pay relationships with women.

To that extent, I feel the prostitution/marriage complex is the biologically determined (the species still needs it more than individuals who think of child-rearing as secondary), and that full polyamorous reciprocity is none other than mutation.

Edit: I should say it`s encouraging to have this exchange with a thoughtful person who`s had similar experiences to mine. I am also encouraged by the fact that your threads seem to be given fair consideration in both polyamory forums. That is so much more than can be said for the hypocritical response you get in mainstream circles.

Do you have (a) partner(s)?

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