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Default In big trouble please

Big fight at home today trying to express my views on poly with my SO of 6 years. She is really freaked out and got very scary angry.
We've talked about it in the past but I wanted to be very clear this time since previously it was just beating around the bush.

We do threesomes once in a blue moon and I don't feel comfortable since she doesn't seem to like them.
I also feel threesomes limit my options since it always has to be someone we all like intimately.

We also have been in and out of the kink/fetish scene for some years now, only watching and also has some friends that like to talk about sex a lot.

I try to tell her I like to pursue consensual and respectful poly but she says she can't accept anything other than a threesome.

She also tells me I should be grateful about this and that she will let me flirt with her female friends and see their boobs occasionally.
It's really more frustrating than anything else but she says a lot of men don't even have that.

I feel frustrated. I feel somewhat I was lured by the kink scene and all the sex talk.

I tell her I love her and do not want to hide anything ever and that any partner would be mutual friends.

The conversation went beyond what I had hoped when I started saying that quite a few people around me commit adultery and I hope I wouldn't have to do that one day.( I apologized after since I would never hide anything from her).

Anyways, I have packed my stuff ready to leave the house since we may actually be breaking up now.

She got real mad and was screaming at me. She told me to go have someone suck my cock(which I don't even like...really).

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