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My wife told her brothers and sisters and she got a very negative response. Then her mum suspected and asked her sister outright if my wife was having another relationship. Of course at this point she couldn't lie, so she told her. Still not sure of my wife's parents response to it all as they live far away and she hasn't really had a chance to talk it all through.

But then she visited my mum and told her that she is in another relationship. My parents took it really badly. They say they never ever want to meet him, that our amazing and inspiring marriage is going to be on the rocks and they don't want to watch it go down in flames and have to pick up the pieces. They totally and completely disagree and disapprove and they think I've been completely deceived into something destructive. They are absolutely devastated and hurt by it all...

On the positive side, they still say they love me...

I'll give them time and we'll see how it unfolds...
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