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Default Jealousy as a social construct

This question has hosted a wrestling match between me and my mind for some time now.

When I first ventured into polyamory (without knowing that there was a word for it), I felt pangs of emotional discomfort whenever one of my partners spent time with another guy, sexually or otherwise. Over time, those pangs sizzled up. I grew more confident that we're all unique and that interests ebb and flow.

So that got me thinking: This confidence... I feel like I was born with that confidence, with the understanding. Not that I had to develop it. I was developed out of it.

My wavering conclusion is that in our purest of forms, jealousy (edit: in the context of intimate relationships) is non-existent. There is no shortage of love or resources because 'possession' isn't a part of our natural lexicon.

What do you think?

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