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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
I don't know how much being poly has to do with this though... So perhaps their more "mono" mindset also contributed to us not staying in touch afterwards.
I really don't think being poly or mono has anything to do with how friendly someone remains with an ex. I always lived monogamously until late 2010 and I have been friends with many exes, and never wanted to ever see some others. For about six years, I hung out in a large circle of friends and we all dated each other, recycled our boyfriends, and hung out - all mono! I attended two weddings of guys I dated, and they (and their wives) came to my wedding. There was one guy in those six years who must've dated about five of us in that time, and we were all friends. Some breakups are brutal and you can never go back. But it isn't about being poly or mono, it's about how well (or if) you can set aside hurt, stop seeing people as they were "back then," and how willing you are to move forward, I think.
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