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Originally Posted by wonderfulworld View Post
Hi there, I just joined the fresh discovered forum.

After reading about "why older women" I decided that I wanted to join.

I check out polyamory since some years - mindwise - and did not know there is such a thing as polyamory. I thought "What I want - living in groups or with more than one lover - etc. is most likely weired to most people. I am most likely the only one..."

Well I am glad that there are more people on earth who like to explore polyamory. And maybe one day I will be in such a RSH.


Thats great! i am also new here and i am very open about free love and this polyamory thought. It is something i want to try because i believe in loving many. love should be shared. there is nothing weird honestly about living with more than one lover. those who think it is wrong or weird, well thats their opinion and i respect it but we have a different perception about spreading the love so welcome!
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