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Oo, news! JJ told me today that he slept with a friend of his yesterday. They went to a bar together and after that it happened. I actually had a feeling yesterday that something might be going on and I was right. I'm glad it's finally done. I mean he has done stuff before but not the sex part. So this is new. I know the person it happened with and I know she's a nice and rational woman. Definitely not a drama queen. I'm glad he chose her.

I'm also glad about how I'm reacting to this. I'm not feeling jealous or anything like that. This reaffirms my belief about myself as a non-jealous person. It was just all the possible drama that freaked me out a little bit some time ago. I was worried that JJ would end up hurting some people, and with that hurting me as well. That was the thing I was upset/worried about, not the fact that he would actually have sex with someone else. I like my life peaceful. So here we are, as long as I can keep that, I'm good.

Also, I like the fact that I was with rory when this happened for the first time. It's still some kind of a big deal even if it's not hurting me. I didn't have to be home alone wondering what's happening and waiting anxiously for the news or the text message about not coming home that night. Before this I was a bit nervous about when and how it would happen, in what circumstances. Now I know and that's good.
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