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Well I decided to bite the bullet and go visit again. I was watching Mad Men and the scene with Red and Cooper when he said, "If I had known that was going to be the last time..." really got to me. So, I am going next week when we have the extra day off. We have a bunch of stuff planned and i have to work and stuff too. I also let go of a lot of things I idealize about. I keep remembering how the past was when we were together sitting on my porch watching the rain storm come in, playing music together... etc etc. I just have to accept that I was exceptionally lucky to have the beautiful moments together and hopefully make a few more this upcoming weekend... And just remember that I am so very fortunate to have love in my life. I am also fortunate that my husband has been so supportive, in fact wants to go on the next trip. I think he wants to move there actually

I am also incredibly lucky to have friends who understand me and don't judge because I am poly. I am eternally grateful for that as well. Would like a few more of those as well. This board has been inspirational as well helping me read others stories gives me good coping ideas.

Thanks everyone!

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