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I'm now at rory's. I've been here for 5 days and I'm leaving today. It's been great, just awesome. We've both had a lot to do, rory's been studying and I've been working, life has been.. normal. I'm unbelievably happy that our situation is so stable right now. All the relationships are doing great and I'm not feeling any insecurity at the moment. I think it's very possible that we (I mean all three couples) will stay together for a long time. Obviously anything can happen, but I think we've come a long way to be where we are now and if we can maintain this stability, I believe we have a good chance of making it.

Alec has been very thoughtful during this visit. Well he is usually like that, but this time even more so. Originally we had the plan that rory sleeps next to him every 3rd night. This time I'm here only for 4 nights (arrived in the morning, leaving in the evening), so he suggested that rory sleeps next to me all the nights. So we did that and it was really nice. Also, he decided to spend the entire Friday night at a friend's house, so he went there straight from work and came back on Saturday morning. So me and rory got the whole Friday to ourselves! First we worked/studied a bit and then watched a couple of movies, made dinner, had deep conversations, laughed a lot, had great sex without having to worry about noises (that's mainly me, I'm having a hard time being quiet ) and went to bed all happy and tired. Perfection. <3

I'm really enjoying my developing friendship with Alec, too. I think we're becoming more and more relaxed with each other and I feel at home when I'm at their place. There's no weirdness around anything. I feel like we've already established a comfortable place where we don't have to try anything anymore. We can just be, hang out, and if the friendship grows, that's great but if it doesn't, that's still good.

The next time I'm seeing rory is next month when I'm coming here again, but in April me and rory are going to Paris together to celebrate our first anniversary! I'm looking forward to it. We're flying there from our respective countries (so you can rule out France from the list of places where we could live ) and will meet there. We got the flights synchronized amazingly well, one of us will only have to wait at the airport for like 20 minutes or so in both directions.

Me and JJ are in the process of selling our house. This is something we would've probably done even if we hadn't decided to move to Wonderland. We've both just gotten tired of all the things that have to do with owning a house. I'm not a very outdoorsy person so I haven't planted any flowers or a garden of any sort. The only good thing about having a house is that you can make noise without disturbing the neighbours and the other way around, you don't have to listen to neighbours making noises. But I want to move to a place where things happen. In our little village nothing ever happens. So when the house is sold, we're moving to a nearby city which is still a very small city compared to Dream City, but at least there's something happening there. So we'll probably live there for about 3-6 months (depending on how fast we can sell the house) before we move out of the country. Better make the most of it even in the meantime, right?
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