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I love to hear that there are men who love older women for more than money and taking them out (their money etc.). I have never met anyone who was interested in older women. But I saw a younger man at a mall center who was with a woman (old!) at a bench sitting and listening very attentively. I just got jealous! I hope when I am 100 or older (yes I plan on this) that a younger guy sits next to ME and flirts with me or/and listens with such interest as this man did. I love bald man and looked at him (much) because he looked a little like my guy-friend. But this man did not give ME a glimpse! He was totally fixated on this woman! I found myself wondering - if he was really interested in her (NICE) or if he would be after her money...? I also considered if he was her son, or similar, but it looked like he was interested in HER as a woman/man. I am 51 and I can say, now life is just better as it was. I look better, feel better, have more freedom and so on. It is wonderful to hear that there are younger men "out there" who are interested in older women and how you guys (at least some people in society) think about it.

I hope I did not "violate" any forum rules with those words... We are all free born!
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