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Originally Posted by RfromRMC View Post
Very very true. However, even if they don't outwardly judge your lifestyle, it might not keep them from making assumptions!

Not necessarily a poly thing, but I did have a bad experience with a doctor who barely listened to my symptoms for less than a minute because he must have picked up on that I was gay, and automatically assumed I had an STD.
Man, you got a good taste of what some ladies go through when starting up with a new gyn. That stinks.

I'm in a weird situation - I'm a contract worker who spends her weeks away from home. It makes sense to have a doctor close to where I work since I'm there more often that not, but I chose really, really wrong in starting with the dude I did. He had very selective hearing and heard "history of endometriosis" and completely ignored the "my body can't handle a lot of hormones being thrown at it" part of our first visit. So he packs me off with a cursory examination and a prescription for, you guessed it, some random pill.

So, yeah, shopping for a new doctor is already an annoyance in addition to potentially hitting them with some not-so-usual information.
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