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Originally Posted by PolyInFL View Post
I know, I know - labels suck. But sometimes you need to use words to explain, you know? When I first read about the idea of pansexuality it was like I finally had a word for what I have been feeling my entire adult life. It was freeing.
No,....people who get 'stuck' on a label..suck.
Or, micro-labelling can suck.

Labels are good for a general purpose, but tend to work like clothes bought off-the-rack . They generally fit, but definitely aren`t ever able to be 'custom-made'.
Then people run into problems, when they try to customize a general-fit label.

I think if someone specifically wants to know what you are into, then details on pansexual, vs. bisexual are quite warranted. Use the label that fits your audience.
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