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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Just because they've studied disease and medications does not give them the right to judge you morals and ethics.
Very very true. However, even if they don't outwardly judge your lifestyle, it might not keep them from making assumptions!

Not necessarily a poly thing, but I did have a bad experience with a doctor who barely listened to my symptoms for less than a minute because he must have picked up on that I was gay, and automatically assumed I had an STD. He just put me on a drug with side-effects that made me feel sicker.
Eventually I found a gay doctor who took the time to discuss the issues and realized that I did NOT have and STD at all, nor anything close to it! Got me on the right Rx and was better in less than two days.

So there's a LOT to be said in finding a doctor that---in addition to not judging you--actually accepts you for who you are.
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